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Gorayeb & Associates

Web Development, Photography
November 2, 2020

Gorayeb & Associates is one of NYC's top law firms specializing in construction accidents. With over 1 billion won for their clients and their continued support and involvement in the Hispanic community, they've earned their slogan as "The Lawyers of the People".

The Problem

Old Gorayeb & Associates website.

Gorayeb & Associates needed a website that reflected their professionalism and involvement within the Hispanic community. They also had a lot of content that was not easily accessible, so they had to rely on a third-party agency to edit the website. And finally, they needed to update their attorney profiles as new attorneys had joined the law firm and some had left.

  • Unorganized Content
  • Outdated attorney roster
  • Cluttered Wordpress Dashboard

Pandemic Setback

The team at Gorayeb and I started working on the web development project back in February 2020. Due to the pandemic, most businesses in New York had to shutdown their offices and transition to a work from home solution.

The process

Working with the marketing team at Gorayeb & Associates, I built a custom website & CMS that fit the law firm's needs. I also used Weglot to bring them multi-language functionality. Working with Petro Onysko, we were able to produce professional headshots of all the attorneys to bring together the website's theme of professionalism.

Feature-rich CMS

Using the power of the webflow CMS, I was able to create Custom CMS collections for all their needs. Instead of having to contact a web developer, the marketing team can now go into their website, fill a form based on what content needs to be created and submit it to create a new page on their website. We used this powerful CMS to make it easy to add, edit or delete the following content:

  • Attorneys
  • Accidents
  • Cases
  • Testimonials
  • Blog posts
  • Community posts

Integrating software

Gorayeb & Associates uses third party software and it was important to be able to integrate them to the new website correctly so it could be managed by their marketing campaigns. I was able to integrate all the needed code and I even created custom code that optimized the website's user experience.

Updated roster photos

We had planned for an extensive photoshoot and a b-roll videoshoot for a website background video. Because of the pandemic policies set by the state we decided that the safest option was to only do a portrait photoshoot for all the attorneys.

Website launch

New Gorayeb & Associates Website.

After an extensive testing phase we were able to launch the law firm's new website. I worked with the marketing agency and the team at Gorayeb afterwards to make sure there was a smooth transition from their old website to their new one.

Next up

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Oliver Moore Bootmakers received a modern website along with a photoshoot for their social media.

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