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Learn how I take your project from idea to a completed website.

Goal Identification

Learn what the website will be used for.

Marcos will learn about the goals and painpoints of the business and how a website can reach these goals and fix these painpoints. During this phase the client can ask any questions they might have about their website and how it will help their business.

Scope Definition

List out the scope of work for the project.

After the Goal Identification meeting. Marcos will create a proposal that outlines the scope of the project and the timeline. Once the client agrees to the proposal. The client and Marcos enter into a contract and the project begins.

Sitemap & Wireframe

Build the structure and design of the website.

Depending on the scale of the project. Marcos will create the sitemap that defines all the pages that will be created and how the user will navigate through these pages. Once the client agrees to the sitemap structure, Marcos will design the layout of each page and create high fidelity mockups of the final design of the website.

Content Creation

Collect all the needed content for the website.

The Content Creation phase is key to complete the website. During this phase, Marcos will work with the client to create the text, images and videos that will be used on the website. Marcos works with the best freelancers to provide professional copywriting and image & video content for the business.


Develop the custom website with all its features.

Once the final design of the website is agreed to by the client and all the content is created, the Development phase begins. Marcos will build the website on the platform chosen by the client. This phase usually takes the longest as we need to make sure the website is responsive across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. And is supported on all the popular web browsers.


Test the website's pages and features before launching.

The new website will be live on a staged site so that the client and anyone involved with the website will be able to test it on their own devices. Marcos will also test the website pages to make sure they are all working properly and make any final adjustments before launching the website.


Plan the website launch and any integrate any third party apps.

The work is done, the testing is complete and we are ready to launch the website and display it to the world. Once the website is live we test again to make sure everything is working correctly. You'll also receive 2 weeks support on any questions you may have post-launch.

Don't wait.

You are minutes away from a beautiful website.