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Photo & Video Creator

New York
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I need a photo & videographer based in or around New York City. Most of my web design projects need some form of photography. You should be able to help me create content to bring website projects closer to completion. Most of the time, I have a vision for what photography style I need for each project. I will probably have examples of what visual style I need and you should be able to tell me if you can produce similar results. Showing me similar work you did with other clients would be best. You should be able to work with me to understand the brief for each project and provide me with a project timeline and what assets will be needed for this project including:

  • Renting a studio
  • Shoot props
  • Hiring models or actors

Services needed

Apart from creating imagery and video, I will need other services from you:

  • Weekly & monthly photoshoots
  • Professional photo editing
  • Professional video editing

What I find really important when hiring a freelancer is to make sure that I can trust you meeting your own timeline deadlines and my own project deadlines. If we don't meet the deadlines then I need to extend the project timeline and It looks bad on my part from a client's perspective.

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